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    Green Dragon Press brings you women's history and equity issues materials. Teachers, librarians and everyone who wants to know more about women's stories and the latest information about harassment prevention will be interested in our books, videos, curriculum materials and posters.


    Canadian Women and Unions: Organizing for Equity (22" X 24")
    Women's History Poster 2015.
    More than a hundred years ago, Canadian women fought for the right to vote. They developed organizing skills and political know-how during that struggle, and they won the vote. With this success behind them, women in unions carried on fighting for equality at work.

    Food For Thought (22" X 24")
    This colourful poster shows both historical and contemporary production of food, focussing on women's contributions.

    Early Learning Matters. 2011 Women's History Month Poster
    Milestones in the journey towards a coherent system for early learning and care for young children has been a process of two steps forward and one step back, subject to funding and policies that change as governments and priorities change. Accompanied by colourful images of children in different settings.

    Visons of the Natural World: Aboroginal Women Artists. 2010 Women's History Month Poster
    Aboriginal women have always had a special connection to the land. By sharing their visions of this natural world, Naomi Johnson, Christi Belcourt and Miriam Jordan help us realize the importance of our environment, both locally and globally. We must understand the way we live and learn to change.

    Never Take No For An Answer: Women of Canada Celebrate the Persons Case 1929-2009
    October 18, marks the 80th anniversary of the Persons Case, a landmark in the struggle for Canadian women's equality. Five women from Alberta (Henrietta Muir Edwards, Louise McKinney, Emily Murphy, Irene Parlby and Nellie McClung didn't take no for an answer and took the fight all the way to the Privy Council in England, winning the right for women to be recognized as "persons" under Canadian law.

    Canadian Women Working for Peace and Justice
    Canadian women have worked for peace and justice for more than one hundred years. This poster celebrates their lives as well as the new generation of women following in their footsteps.

    Women And Disability - The Creative Spirit
    These women have gone beyond the limitations of the body. Working in different media, with different styles and objectives, they have in common the shared experience of disability. Enter into their artistic vision, and see them not as stereotypes, but as creative women who live with beauty, courage and disability.

    Great Canadian Women
    Salutes six great Canadian women whose greatness is reflected in their imagination, determination and commitment to justice, equity and social change. They made their dreams come true.

    Native Women in the Arts: Culture ~ Art ~ Community
    Featuring World champion hoop dancer Lisa Odjig

    Rosemary Brown: Daring to Dream the Impossible.
    The 2004 Black History Month poster pays tribue to feminist activist Rosemary Brown.

    Early African Civilizations.
    African Heritage Month 2003.
    Time line and images illustrating the origins and contributions of African culture.

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