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    EmBodying Equity: Body Image as an Equity Issue
    Carla Rice and Vanessa Russell, 2002.

    Traditionally, the word body image conjures up images of fat and thin, size and shape, dieting, and eating disorders. But, how we feel, what we do, and who we are inside our own skin encompasses much more than that. Body image is about personal histories, our race, our culture, our gender, our sexual orientation, our class, and our ability. Embodying Equity is a creative and innovative practical resource, which addresses the intersections of body image, identity, oppression, and equality. With a blend of theory and over fifty practical interactive exercises, this resource will help teachers and community workers empower young people to move toward a place of social action.

    $42.95 + $5.00 p&h + GST Total $51.30
    ISBN 1-896781-18-7